The Code

The code is BÜRMAN’s latest effort in making the world a better place.

It is our way of giving back to the people that have supported us the most, that have helped us reach the point where we are today and that will help us further accomplish our mission. Use someone's Code in order to get 15% Discount!
In addition, if you have ever bought a BÜRMAN product, you are eligible for your own personal code.

The code will grant you:
* 10% of profits made when your code is used.
* 15% discount for all your friends who use your code.
* Early acces for all future releases.

How to get your code?
* Buy a BÜRMAN product (past orders are egible as well)
* Post a picture on your instagram page and tag us (DM for private accounts)
* It’s as easy as that!

We strive to create a large and open community of equally minded people with the goal of changing the perception of the entire textile industry, and the code helps to bring everyone together. We are problem solvers, not deal makers.

This is the BÜRMAN promise