Project Planet Earth

Since its launch, BÜRMAN has focused on simplicity, highlighting the essence of the garment.
To offer products that respect the environment, the producers and especially our customers.
To produce more authentic and more responsible clothes that we are proud of to sell and you are proud of to wear. Pieces that initiate change in the textile industry, made in a more humane, ethical and ecological way.

Quality, durability and comfort are part of our DNA. Each fabric is chosen with the greatest attention and meets strict criteria. We make use of 100% organic cotton (certified by GOTS).
As for our polyester, it is mainly recycled polyester for the sake of the circular economy.
In addition, our clothes are embroidered on the
only GOTS certificated embroidery machine IN THE WORLD,
making us a pioneer in taking quality fashion to the ecological and fair trade limits.

Every BÜRMAN product is using only 1/10th the water regularly used and without using GMO’s or any sort of pesticides. Our products will last a lifetime and are assembled and finished to perfection.

The GOTS (global organic textile standard) certificate is our way of providing our customers with the highest physical and ethical quality possible. Furthermore, being a Fair Wear Foundation member, we assure fair wages and working conditions across our entire supply chain.

In this way, we try to make the world a better place day by day.
This is the BÜRMAN promise